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LG Dryer Error Codes D95, D80, D90

The higher the number after the "D," the more severe the blockage. ErrorD95 means 95% blockage of air in the dryer vent system!

Understanding LG Dryer Error Codes D80, D90, and D95

Dealing with laundry can be tricky, especially when your trusty LG dryer throws error codes your way. If you've encountered the D80, D90, or D95 error codes, don't worry – we've got you covered. Let's break down what these codes mean and how to fix them to keep your dryer running smoothly and your home safe.

D95 Error Code: Air Blockage Warning In Dryer Vent

When your LG Dryer displays the D95 error code, it's telling you something important – there's a whopping 95% blockage in the air system. The air exhaust from your dryer isn't getting out properly through the venting that leads outside your home. This blockage could be due to clogs in the air exhaust hose, wall ducts, or outside vent.

It's important to note that neglecting to keep your dryer's vent clean is the main reason behind many residential clothes dryer fires. A clean vent, however, lowers the fire risk, enhances energy efficiency, shortens drying times, and trims down utility bills.

D80, D90, and D95 Error Codes: Airflow Obstruction Alert

We at SafeAir Services Alpharetta see these Error messages every day. Seeing D80, D90, or D95 on your control panel indicates that lint buildup has caused a blockage in your dryer vent system. The higher the number after the "D," the more severe the blockage. In response, your dryer will automatically shut off to prevent overheating, which is a leading cause of household fires.

Flow Sense Warning: What to Watch For

If your dryer takes longer than usual to dry clothes, it's worth paying attention. The Flow Sense warning indicator might light up or display the D80, D90, or D95 codes. These signals point to a venting issue that can lead to overheating and potential fire hazards. It's a brilliant safety feature designed to protect your home.

Fixing Ventilation Error Codes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dealing with these error codes doesn't have to be complicated. Here's a simple plan to get your dryer back on track:

  1. Clean the Lint Filter: Make sure the lint filter is free from lint buildup.

  2. Check the Exhaust Hose: Disconnect the exhaust hose at the back of the dryer and inspect it for any blockages or debris. Remove anything you find.

  3. Examine the Wall Duct: Look for blockages in the wall duct and clear them out.

  4. Inspect the Outside Vent: Check the vent outside your home for any obstructions. Clear them away.

  5. Restart Your Dryer: The error code should vanish after completing these steps. If it's still there, try turning the dryer off and then on again.

Following these simple steps can keep your dryer working smoothly and avoid potential fire hazards. Remember, a well-maintained dryer saves you time and money and ensures your home's safety.

Sometimes, you need a professional when the vent is long of hard to reach. schedule SafeAir Services today . Don't wait since this is a fire hazard.



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