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Chimney Smoke Tests

We Conduct Smoke Tests For Your Safety!


Chimney sweep

A smoke test will allow us to find any defects or flaws in the system that could allow dangerous invisible fumes to leak through your chimney or flue and into your air supply. It can also help us determine whether or not your chimney needs to be relined.

What Does A Smoke Test Do?


we will be using a blowtorch to establish a flue draw and insert a smoke pellet that produces a visible odor. After we see that smoke is rising from the top of your chimney, we will shut off your flue at the top and bottom. We’ll also close all doors, ash pit covers, and vents. Once everything is closed, one of our chimney sweeps will check the inside and outside of your home to determine if you have a leak. We’ll look at all sides of your chimney and we’ll also take a close look at windows near the chimney and the adjacent roof space. If we locate a leak, we’ll recommend the necessary repairs.

Why Do You Need A Smoke Test?

During a smoke test, we will check your chimney’s safety and measure the efficiency of your flue. We’ll also look at your chimney’s draft and diagnose any problems we find. A smoke test may help reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire or carbon monoxide poisoning in the future, and can also help locate any areas that may lead to appliance inefficiency and energy waste.

At SafeAir Services we conduct a smoke test

To ensure airflow and find leaks. In addition, to inspecting and sweeping your chimney or fireplace, we also smoke test it.

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