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SafeAir Services is an Alpharetta, GA-based company that provides professional Dryer vent Cleaning, Chimney sweep, and Air duct cleaning, together with Air Quality Control, with more than fifteen years of experience.

We have a simple goal- to exceed our customers' expectations and do it right the first time! We proudly and consistently meet this goal, which enables us to grow our business and keep our loyal customers coming back with a smile. Our excellent customer experience starts from the moment we answer your call to the time the job is done.

Certified Dryer Vent Cleaning, Chimney, and Air Quality Inspection and cleaning Services Company in Metro Atlanta

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Your air ducts are working year-round, whenever you have your air conditioner or heater running. Routine air duct cleaning improves the air quality and reduces dust indoors. Air duct cleaning is critical for your family health...

dryer vent side by side Alpharetta

According to the US Fire Administration Reports, there are more than 12,700 clothes dryer vent fires annually,

resulting in 15 deaths, 300 injuries, and $88 million in property loss each year. You must get the dryer vent cleaned yearly. Routine dryer vent cleaning is critical for your safety.

chimney sweep service

All chimneys should be inspected and swept annually to remove byproducts such as soot and creosote.  This could prevent chimney fires and ensure dangerous fumes can exit your home. Creosote buildup, debris, and animal nesting in chimneys can lead to chimney fires or flue blockages, and dangerous fumes can be forced into your home.

Air Quality Testing Mold Inspection

In Georgia, mold is a serious toxin.  Mold contamination can result in serious health problems and poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), so protect the ones you love! ​When moldy material becomes damaged or disturbed, spores, which are reproductive bodies similar to seeds, can be released into the air and affect your IAQ.


Industries We Serve

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High-Rises Building

Providing service for high-rise dryer vents, Air Ducts, or chimneys is a job for professionals due to the danger involved and the specialized training and equipment required.

SafeAir Services Commercial Dryer Vent cleaning service


Our commercial & industrial dryer vent, air duct cleaning, and chimney services help hotels, cleaners & laundromats, to significantly reduce energy use, costs & fire hazards. We have trained a certified team and the most updated equipment required.



To ensure your family's health, we follow professional standards for air ducts, dryer vents, or chimney services. We remove dirt and indoor allergens to improve your home's air quality. We have a great local professional team waiting for you

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Below you will find answers to common questions you may have about SafeAir Services. Also feel free to check our Facebook, Instagram, and Google page

Chimney Sweep Services FAQs

Here you can find all FAQs and answers for Chimney inspection and sweep services. 

Dryer Vent cleaning Services FAQs

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Air Duct Services FAQs

Here you can find all FAQs and answers for Air Duct inspection, repair, and cleaning services. 

Indoor Air Quality Inspection FAQs

Here you can find all FAQs and answers for Indoor Air Quality inspection, and testing services. 

Mold Inspection FAQs

Here you can find all FAQs and answers for Mold inspection, services. 


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Contact Us, Alpharetta, GA 30022,  Tel: 770-954-7959

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