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What can go wrong when you hire an unprofessional Dryer Vent Cleaning company?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

My first appointment for this morning was a great example of why you must always hire a professional certified dryer vent cleaning company that excels in their service.

The customer purchased a new dryer which she assumed was outdated. Prior to our appointment, another company had performed an inspection and cleaning of her dryer. Unfortunately, this company claimed to have "inspected" and "cleaned" the dryer vent but ended up charging double the originally agreed-upon price before leaving. To make matters worse, the customer's new dryer continued to experience issues and malfunction. Frustrated, she contacted the company and requested their assistance in resolving the problem. Unfortunately, they responded in a way that was not at all helpful, as they flat-out refused to return.

Then she gave us a call at SafeAir Services. I arrived this morning and immediately noticed that the elbow connecting the dryer vent was broken. The vent outlet on the side of the dryer was also covered in paint, making it impossible to open. To investigate further, I used a small camera to look inside the vent and found it filled with lint. But there was something else that any experienced technician would have spotted right away - a bird's nest with a dead bird and eggs inside.

We carefully removed the bird nest along with the bird from the vent, thoroughly cleaned the dryer vent, and conducted another inspection to ensure proper airflow. This situation highlights the importance of hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning and inspection service. Professionals have the knowledge and skills to detect issues like broken connections, clogs, and potential hazards like bird nests. By entrusting the job to experts, homeowners can be confident that their dryer vents will be cleaned thoroughly, promoting improved airflow and reducing the risk of fires. Professional services ensure the safe and efficient operation of dryers, preventing costly repairs and potential accidents.

We are thrilled to inform you that, thanks to our hard work, the customer's dryer is now working perfectly, ensuring a trouble-free drying experience.

hole in the wall
bird nest in dryer
dryer clogged



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