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Burning Smell from Dryer

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Solving Dryer Burning Smells: SafeAir Services in Alpharetta GA to the Rescue!

Ever caught a funny burning smell from your dryer? No worries – SafeAir Services is here to help you figure it out and keep your home fresh and safe.

burning Smell from Dryer

Strange Burning Dryer Smell: Let's Talk Lint

That odd burning smell might be because of too much lint. Start by cleaning the lint filter and checking inside the dryer. Lint could be hiding in surprising spots. Also, look around and under your dryer – lint might be having a little party there.

What are Reason for Burning Dryer Smell?

burning Smell from Dryer

Lint Inside the Dryer

If your dryer's hiding lint, use a vacuum with a small nozzle to clean it out. Be careful near the motor and heating part. Clean the walls inside and the floor. Give the vent hose a shake too. Put everything back and run the dryer without clothes – let's see if the smell disappears. Just remember, be safe!

Dryer Thermostat Acting Up

If it's not lint, the thermostat might be causing the smell. It's like a temperature boss. Check your owner's manual to find the thermostat and test it. If it's not working right, let Mr. Appliance take care of it. They're good at fixing machines.

Dryer Belt Trouble

The rubber belt that helps the dryer work might be the problem. It could make a burning smell if it's slipping or looks terrible. Check if it's around the drum and see if it's okay. You can get a new belt or ask Mr. Appliance to help. Sometimes, the belt might be causing the smell. It could be touching a hot part or rubbing too much. If you think the belt is acting up, get help from the pros. Alpharetta GA 30022

Dryer Motor or Clothes Issue

Is the dryer making strange noises and burning smells? Maybe the motor is having problems, or clothes are stuck where they shouldn't be. Engines can tire, and belts might need to be in the right place. If you need more clarification, ask the experts.

Stay Safe, Prevent a Burning Dryer!

When your dryer smells funny, be safe. Remember these steps: clean lint, see what's wrong, and call the experts if needed. Bad smells can be a sign of trouble. Contact SafeAir Services, and we'll help solve the mystery smell. We care about your home and want it to be safe.

Get in touch with SafeAir Services today. We'll make your home smell nice and say goodbye to any burning smells.



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