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Air Duct Scam Alert!

Beware of Air Duct Cleaning Scams: Protecting Your Home

air duct scam

Regarding your home, staying safe and healthy is a top priority. But there's something you should watch out for tricky air duct cleaning companies. These companies promise a lot but often do very little. They might charge a small fee, but their work cleaning your heating and cooling system might not be good. Sometimes, they even try to make you pay for things you don't need.

Be on the lookout for the air duct scam

You might hear them say your HVAC system has mold and hazard materials. But be careful – they usually use this lie to get your money. They send you coupons and ads in the mail, promising super cheap "whole house air duct cleaning" and "HVAC mold removal." Please don't fall for it!

Let your local Better Business Bureau know if you encounter one of these bad companies.

Don't Get Tricked for the Air Duct Scam

As time passes, dust and junk pile up in your air ducts at home. This can make the air you breathe not so great and even lead to fires. Some companies take advantage of this by offering a meager price to clean all your air ducts.

But here's the twist: once they're in your home, they might say they found mold. Or they might change their offer or try to sell you things you don't need. Finding a trustworthy company to do the job right and not trick you is essential.

Pick a Good Company that Follows the Rules like SafeAir Services Alpharetta GA 30022.

Air Duct Scam

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the rules for air duct cleaning. They say what a good company should do when they clean your air ducts. Look for a company that follows these rules. We at SafeAir Services are EPA certifies and insured.

Teaching Customers about Air Duct Cleaning Scams

NADCA is spreading the word about how air duct cleaning is essential. This helps customers learn what to expect and make intelligent choices.

says, "You won't get every job, but if you tell customers what a good job looks like, they'll know what to ask. Tell them to check and find a company that feels right. Most of the time, they'll return to you because you gave them good advice."

NADCA add that even though these tricky companies might bring attention to duct cleaning if you show the value of your service, customers will choose your honest company over the tricky ones.

Ultimately, We at SafeAir Services agree that working hard and being honest is the best way to overcome these challenges. Doing a good job and treating customers well will spread the word about your company. Don't fall for an air duct scam.

Knowing about these scams and learning from reliable professionals can keep your home safe and sound.



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